Being Vigilant For Tiny Changes And Reactions

Yet another method with which psychics do their work is to stay focused on the client and attentive to everything they do. Have you ever wondered why psychics talk slowly? This is not because they are trying to make contact with the afterlife while simultaneously speaking with you. No, the truth is that they are looking for micro-reactions a client makes as they utter each word.

Did you know that you tell thousands of things without even opening your mouth. The big reactions are easy enough to understand and we do that in our daily lives. Shrug of the shoulder, a broad smile, a sad face, frowning eyes are all easy to stop and they immediately give an indication of your feelings towards something I said. However, psychics do this at a more microscopic level.

As a psychic speaks, he or she is watching for tiny changes in body posture, language, expressions and the likes. This collection of subtle clues is what gives the psychic indications of whether he or she is on the correct path.

When the psychic says something that agrees with the client, he or she will always make a subtle gesture to approve such as a tiny nod, a small smile or eyes that ease up. Think of a psychic reading as a joke. You wait for the standup comedian to say something particular and when they eventually do, you react to that. This is what the psychic too does. Because of your willingness, you are listening to the psychic waiting for him to say something that you can relate to and when it does happen you can’t help but react. This is what a psychic waits for.

Entertainer Keith Barry on TED Talks guessed the name of a woman’s ex without even her saying anything. He does this on live television and while he does not reveal any secrets as to how he did it, he never claims to have psychic abilities. In fact, he tells that it is a trick and that he does all this by just reading reactions of his mark.

We aren’t sure Keith is telling the truth though. Maybe he indeed is a wizard who simply wants to hide his identity from the rest of the world. Nevertheless, take a quick look at the video and you should figure out what this psychic secrets revealed post is all about.

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