Subtle Clues On Important Stuff

People love to give away information about their true self even when they try to hide stuff. Without speaking a single word, it is possible that you are actually speaking a lot more than words ever could. Take for instance the presence of a wedding ring. It shows without any room for a doubt that you are in a committed relationship. Naturally therefore you have experienced the rigors of marriage and could be someone who is stressed out. If you sit in the front of a psychic show then it is safe to assume that you believe in spirituality and psychics in general. If you lean in during a reading that means you are eager to hear what the other person has to say. Wearing an Ed Hardy shirt announces to the world that you probably still live in with your parents.

This is how psychics actually gather information about an individual before they have even interacted with them. Such clues help size up the subject and prepare a script that can then further unlock the client. Just by looking at things such as behavior, clothing style, speech patterns it is easy to figure a lot about an individual. Psychics happen to work daily on these practices and therefore tend to be better at it. If you start practicing the art of catching subtle clues on your family and friends you too can soon become a psychic!

Fact is, you need not even tell someone that you are trying to gather clues. Just look, be attentive and make logical conclusions about whatever you see. This in itself will reveal a lot of secrets about the individual. Not to mention, your efforts might even endear you to them because everyone loves folks who are very attentive listeners. Wink Wink!

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