Simple Mental Tricks You Can Try At Home

Want to wow your friends and family members like the charlatans on television? If you harbour dreams of becoming the centre of attraction in any environment, here are a few simple mental tricks you can try. They work almost always!

Terrifying Visions

With this trick you can easily fool anyone into believing that you have the ability to give them terrifying visions.

To setup the illusion, have your mark stand in front of a large full-sized mirror about 20 inches away and turn off all the lights in the room. Hold a candle directly behind him and start your terrifying story. Nearly 70% of people tend to distort what they see in the mirror as their mind processes what you are telling them. In fact, majority will see their face distort. Scientists are still trying to figure out what exactly causes this phenomenon, or may be not!

Predicting To Win Always

Don’t try this one with your friends! To perform this trick and maybe make some quick bucks, here’s what you have to do. Pick any sport and collect over 14,000 emails. Now split the list into two and mail one of them the name of one team as the winner and the other the name of the other team. Half of your predictions comes true. Discard the other half and stop all communication with them. As for the half that just received your prediction, whittle it down further by making another prediction on another game. Again, choose half for one team and half for another. Now you are left with 3500 people who have started to believe in your psychic abilities.

Next, send yet another mail using another game and reduce the list further. When you reach a number such as 100 or so, those are your true gems who probably already believe that you are a natural psychic. You can now ask them a favour in return or money in return for believing in your message! It really is that simple.

Healing Powers

All you need to show people that you are blessed by god is a good crowd, a bucket of water with ice in it and a willing volunteer. First have the volunteer dunk his hand in the ice cold water bucket and time him. Usually an individual can hold his hand under water for around 30 to 120 seconds.

This is when you perform your magic. Just stare at them and say whatever you want to but make sure you take four minutes to do your thing and make them avoid their arm. If you do it right and distract them, the next time they dunk their hand in the water, they will be able to hold it for at least three times longer.

The trick lies in the fact that the hand gets acclimatized to the cold and thus the second time around lasts longer.

Find The Age Of A Person

Follow this script and you will always get the right age of a person.

Start by asking the person to multiple the first digit in their age by 5.

Then tell them to add 3 to the figure and multiply the total with 2. Finally, tell them to add the second number to this age. The answer they tell you will reveal their age.

Here’s how…

Just subtract 6 and you get their age. However, for anyone who is less than 10 years old, you need not perform step 5. Simply eliminate the second digit to get the right age.

The Vanishing Negative

A neat trick often used by psychics, they simply use the power of a double negative statement. For instance, pose this question to a random individual, “Your Mother isn’t dead, is she?” The answer regardless will always lead to the revelation but they will feel as if you knew the answer all along.

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