Say Something That Holds True For Someone

This art form is often practiced by seers and psychics on stage in front of a larger audience. When a psychic moves away from cold reading or one to one sessions and onto a larger stage with lot more people, they get a larger pool of unsuspecting targets. All they then have to do is say something that is vague and has a high probability of being true for someone.

Have you seen the show, “Crossing Over”? Observe how the auditorium full of people sticks onto each and every word that John Edward says. By the way, for those of you unaware, John is a self-proclaimed psychic who believes he has special powers that let him contact the other side, especially the spirits from the netherworld. In just a few minutes, it feels as if John has made contact with someone in the audience. Soon the audience believes that John can really talk with dead relatives.

This trick is probably the easiest to pull off. You simply keep your readings vague. Say things like, “I am starting to make an image of a male individual, not clear but his name either starts with Ben or Bob or rhymes with it.” In a large audience someone or the other will know someone else named Ben or Bob who died in their past.

Another variation is, “I see a person, someone old but related, this person suffered from a heart condition”. Impressive prediction right? No, because heart problems cause more deaths than anything else in the world. Even WebMD could reveal this bit of truth to you. Thus, psychic prowess is mostly about throwing vague statements and looking for those that get reeled in. As long as you stick with common causes of death, physical traits, general relationships – you will find a fish that takes the bait. When you find such an individual and then another, the rest of the audience starts seeing you as a psychic and believing in everything you say henceforth.

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