Provide A Disclaimer – Number One Show Business Rule

Those who have watched any episode of John Edward must have already seen the disclaimer below, which appears for only a couple of seconds at the end of his performance.

While it touches up on the basics, the fact is that entertainers and authentic psychics or mentalists are only ever separated by the omission or inclusion of a simple disclaimer. Based on this, the audience or rather cult of believers can be broken down into three types.

The first group almost always understands that you are faking your art but if you do not make any explicit statements then they assume that you aren’t using any tricks. The second type is the gullible group. This group will gobble up anything you tell them. You have to literally spell out the fact that you performance is all tricks for them to accept it. Finally, we have the third group, which happens to be the largest. They will believe you are real even when you say that it is all a mirage.

Take a look at John Edward’s disclaimer once more now. Do you see how plain and clear his disclaimer is? And yet, people just go on believing in his stuff, now more so for nearly a decade.

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