Be The Master Of One Trick

Trying for diversity will ruin you in show business, Las Vegas style. Look for that one trick, practice it day in and day out so you can do it in your sleep. Then you milk this trick for as long as you live. In the psychic world, doing more than three tricks is actually a big thing. Here are some famous psychics who had one trick that made them famous.

Uri Geller

Ever heard of spoon bending? Well Uri Geller did just that and nothing else!

The Fox Sisters

They were famous for spirit summoning back in the middle of the 1800s. In fact, they made it into the Ballsiest Con Artists of All Time list. What they did however was simple. All they did was to make ghost noises with their toes. They also banged an apple on the floor by tying a string on it.

Just by doing these two tricks, they converted their home into a shrine for believers in New York. Boys, girls, elderlies all flocked to their home because they wanted to see the spirits, speak with them. The sisters would be happy to help them all, repeating this single trick for their entire life.

Dr. Henry Slade

For those who said they could speak with the afterlife, Dr. Henry Slade basically provided proof for the same. His singular trick was the ability to move two chalk board slates. These slates are what kids use in school. A participant would need to think up questions that they want the spirits to answer. The slates would then be kept together. Some scratching sounds would be conjured up. The slates would separate and on the back there would be some vague answer written in chalk.

While this is now a very well documented magic trick, back in the day, Dr. Slade made a good fortune out of it. Also, Henry Slade was not a real doctor and he added the DR. initials simply to make himself look good.

James Hydrick

Back in the 1980s, there was this psychic with the ability to move around pencils on a table using only his mind. His name was James Hydrick and that was all he could do. According to him, he could use his kinetic powers to turn a phone book’s pages over. For anyone with some sense in them, it is evident that he simply blew these items over. It was sceptic James Randi who caught Hydrick and exposed his only trick. However, Hydrick really did nail this trick down to perfection.

Basically, if you can master a single trick and make sure it isn’t too perfect, everyone will believe you.

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