A look at the claims, predictions and behavior of a media "psychic".


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Skeptical Links

From Miscellaneous Sources
From JREF - the James Randi Educational Foundation (www.randi.org)

"An Educational Resource on the Paranormal, Pseudoscientific and the supernatural."

Note: I intend to further organize and annotate this set of links soon. Until then, know that the earlier links lead to the top of each commentary, and you will have to search for the Browne reference in it. Starting with the 2004 entries, the link will take you directly to the pertinent section of the commentary.

From Skeptic Report (SkepticReport.com)

"...pay attention to the writing on the wall."

From Bad Psychics (BadPsychics.com)
From SAPS - Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society (SkepticalAnalysis.com)

"...a skeptical group devoted to debunking, re-creating, and explaining popular claims of paranormal activity."

From MondoSkepto.com

"...a resource for reviewing and discussing irrationality in the media and pop culture."

From Skeptico.blogs.com

"Critical thinking for an irrational world."

From Skepchick.org's Memoirs of a Skepchick

"Critical thinking for the masses."

From Cectic.com

A web-comic with a skeptical bent.

Cectic.com covers many skeptical topics, including a semi-regular series titled The Misadventures of Old Lady Braune, about a "psychic" who bears more than a passing resemblance to the subject of this web site.

Neutral Links

  • Wikipedia: Sylvia Browne - Wikipedia entry on Browne. Note: Although Wikipedia strives to maintain "NPOV" (Neutral Point of View) in its articles, they do not always achieve it, especially with a controversial topic.
CNN Larry King Live Transcripts
CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Transcripts

Pro-Sylvia Links

From Her "Official" Sites
From Her Publishers
From Interviews
  • GoSylviaBrowne.com - "An online community devoted to sharing stories, validations and faith." Evidently created in response to this site.
  • In Sylvia's Defense... - "The only blog whose sole purpose is to defend the mission, message, and practices of a well-intentioned spiritual teacher, psychic Sylvia Browne. Because we're all allowed a fair trial." (NOTE: this link no longer works. The "blog" turned out to be a satire by a skeptic, not a Browne supporter. People (such as me) did not recognize it as satire, so the author took the blog down.)
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