Karaoke is for Everyone!


Music, is a universal language. A tune can invoke memories, emotions and individual feelings for different people who you may associate with a tune or a time span. Music can make you cry, laugh, tap your toes or make you jump up and dance a wild dance.

You can listen to it, play it, sing it and in any case just plain enjoy it whenever and wherever you like. No one knows how the art of music came to be; but we know it can be expressed through sounds and dynamics, color and motions, soft and slow, hard and fast. It’s hard not to find some form of music that doesn’t appeal to someone.

We love it so much that we had to find a creative way to be an active participant, even if we don’t really have the talent. Let’s talk karaoke! We believe that Del Rosario patented a “sing along” product in the mid-1970s and today we have bars dedicated to the fun and lively practice of karaoke. Whether you’re an adult looking for a professional karaoke machine, or simply looking for a kids karaoke machine – keep reading to learn more.

We do know the origins of karaoke, which is a word derived from the Japanese word kara meaning empty plus the word okesutora which means orchestra. It’s a machine that instrumentally supports people who want to sing along to popular tunes as if they were professional singers and it’s incredibly fun. And you don’t even need to be singing in the right key! Singing can offer you some wonderful benefits aside from fun and excitement:

  • Studies indicate that singing can increase the proteins in your blood and that helps to build antibodies;
  • Because your lungs get a workout singing, it can be considered a form of exercise;
  • By making throat muscles stronger, you can sleep better and perhaps avoid sleep apnea and snoring;
  • If you stand up straight while you sing, you will be improving your posture;
  • Singing lifts your spirits, and mental acuity, while lowering your stress levels.

If you sing in a choir or just enjoy karaoke singing with friends, it’s a great way to meet more people, and feel more confident and we all know that confidence is a beautiful and attractive trait. Studies indicate that singing to babies help language development in their brains. And once you experience some of the challenges professional singers deal with every day, you will enjoy their performances much more.

With no age or gender limitations, the kids can enjoy all the great Disney classics and per one online merchant, most men make their top pick from the Boss with Born in the USA. And from the same source the ladies lean toward romantic classics like Crazy; Wind Beneath my Wings; and I Will Always Love You.

There are free singing lesson videos available on the internet and you can purchase machines and music at many locations. Come on, grab the kids and the grandparents and let’s get happy!

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