Getting The Mark To Spill the Beans

Ever tried convincing a believer that psychics are phoneys? They downright stop talking with you or look at you with pity in their eyes. Why is that? Well the thing is psychics may advertise themselves and sell themselves but they don’t get customers who are reluctant. A dentist probably get most of his customers reluctantly, because they have to see him. A psychic though gets willing customers, who already believe in all the hocus pocus. It is because of this that psychics can easily get clients to spill information about themselves without realizing it.

To help a customer start spilling the beans, a psychic simply states at the beginning that any message they receive can be very vague and that to understand these messages they need their help. It is only with the aid of the client can a psychic decipher the true importance of these vague messages, or so they want you to believe. When the client agrees to the terms, the psychic has complete control.

“I see a name that begins with the letter C. No, was it K? Thank you so much, such information from the other realm often gets hard to decipher, especially in the beginning. Mistakes are bound to happen”. “Was that person your father, or maybe he knew your father. No wait, I get this weird vibe that he was someone on your father’s side of the family. I need a little help figuring this one out”. “Oh! It was actually your mother’s father was it?”

By the time such a session ends, it is actually the client who has done the work for the psychic. It is their eagerness to believe in anything that led them to unwittingly give information to the psychic. Imagine a doctor asking you to assist him during a surgery and in fact leading on, but the patient also happens to be you!

The power of suggestion is great and being vague too works but the best way a psychic turns first time customers into repeat clients is through roping in the clients to doing all the hard work.

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