Get yourself noticed – Job Hunting, Career Moves, Redundancy, or Laid Off

Job Hunting

Business reputation and an on-line profile are great tools when being laid-off or made redundant

A CV can be great: well written, relevant and full of experience but still fail to get the applicant face to face in front of the right person when hunting for that perfect job. Applicants will apply for 100′s of jobs via Monster, Jobsite, or Total Jobs and get nowhere.

We spoke to Marcus from Strasborne Consultancy, who said, “It seems downright unfair. Well recruiters are neither unfair nor short sighted. At times they are simply overwhelmed by the flood of people interested in the role.”

So where do they turn to separate the exceptional? The same place us all when we are searching for employment or for new opportunities: Online & Internet research.

Research studies have shown that as high as 65% of employers will check candidates out on line even before the first interview and a far higher percentage will check out a background online before any offer is made. To get found requires considerable effort and concentration. Many do not have the knowledge or experience to launch a personal SEO campaign.

So when thinking about their online reputation or their personal brand candidates should try and remember the following about their work life:

  • – What do you want people to say when you are not in the room?
  • – What do you see as your future and what would you like to achieve?
  • – What experiences, successes and learning experiences can you draw upon to highlight in your life?
  • – What are you proud of in life?
  • – Who do you want to hear about you and what do you think they will be looking for from you?
  • – What is the unwritten story of your life?

In particular the career benefits of an on-line footprint that demonstrates the breadth and depth of personal subject knowledge is lost on those who grew up as digital immigrants in an age where their younger peers use the digital world as an outsourced memory.

The use of the new digital social media tools is frequently daunting and the pace of change is so rapid that those in full time employment have insufficient time to master the channels until faced with change.

However, the best time to fix the roof is when it is not raining and the best time to build a professional on-line footprint is whilst employed. It seems counter intuitive but looking for the next role is as important as succeeding in the current one. In the age of portfolio careers busy employees should always be thinking about the next move. For many this will mean an internal move but for many it will mean an opportunity to leave and to gain new skills and new responsibility.

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