Anyone Can Do This With Training – The Message

The secret to becoming a good psychic is to give false hope to people that they too have the ability to do what you do. The only difference between you and them is that you are able to do a bit more through practice and listening to the other realm. Unfortunately, with magicians, this is difficult to convey. Moreover, lots of magicians feel like they are the only ones who should have these powers and therefore should be admired and worshipped.

The truth is that if you are in the psychic game you just can’t afford not to be benevolent and approachable. By saying that your gifts are not unique you give hope to your marks that they too can do it and if they can do it, you certainly are telling the truth!

This works best if you are actually selling a book along with your charades. By revealing the secret behind your abilities – your slightly more honed sensitivity and hours of practice, you open up vulnerabilities in your audience. Besides, by doing mentalists are able to help one another as their act promotes the entire community. Magicians on the other hand tend to concentrate only on their act and their livelihood, this naturally puts them at loggerheads with each other.

Take tarot card readers for instance. They charge a meagre $20 for their sham but that in turn sets up a repeat client who can be juiced for as much as $700 per session! It’s almost the same as buying cheap food processors from China, rebranding it to something more “Upmarket”, flogging it on Amazon, eBay and every other retailer for 10x what you paid. Luckily, sites such as Kitchen Reviews Direct prevent this through their food processor reviews. It is only by building a connection on a personal level are mentalists able to do what they do.

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