Another Benefit Of Vague Readings

There are times when a psychic simply misses out with his statements, failing to make his mark on a customer. Vague statements help here too. Let’s for instance, say your vague statement made a claim that it was the client’s mother but then she happens to be alive. In this case you can always backtrack and say that it must have been someone who had a relation with her or knew her well.

Told a person that they are going to take a big decision in life soon only to realize that this is not at all true? You can always make a subtle change saying that it is now clear that they had taken a large step in their life only recently, like in the year that went by.

By staying vague at all times, it becomes easy fooling people with how the spirit world operates. It is true that the world of the spirits do not always communicate with clarity but then again, neither does the living world. This is what psychics tend to exploit. By leaving the space to make mistakes when psychics do make mistakes they have the chance to retrace their steps and go on a more predictive path that turns true in the long run.

This trick actually works with any lie you weave. Leave the lie vague and if it does not hit the mark or does not fit into what the listener wishes to hear then reframe the lie in more of a general manner. As long as you reframe without showing any signs of contradicting your listener, you are actually helping them bend to your viewpoint. When you convince your audience that they are helping you get to the right answers, they simply look beyond the mistakes you made.

It’s also of paramount importance that anybody getting into reading purchases a liability insurance policy – mostly public liability – to cover any “potential” damage you could cause to a member of the public through your advice and guidance.

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