About Us

Will you let us perform a psychic reading on your right now?

I get the feeling that you are the kind of person who likes being admired and liked by all. Sometimes you do end up doubting yourself and the choices you have made in your life. You can become quite critical at times of your own image and you definitely aren’t the perfect individual. However, you have managed to cover your weaknesses and know that you have a lot of potential within you that you haven’t yet taken complete advantage of. You definitely happen to think on your feet and are independent like that. Yes, you need a little change but then again these are tiny changes and nothing more. Security is what you go after and social anxiety is a complication for you at times.

Did we get the prediction right? Fact is, almost 90% of readers will spot themselves somewhere in the lines above. This is not magic and we certainly are no psychic. What we did is also called as the Forer Effect. This is known by another name too – the Barnum Effect. It is a simple tool often relied upon by mediums and psychics to convince others that they are capable of talking to the dead, or peering into your deep soul. Best of all, these psychics will all accept major credit cards.

How We Began

Stopsylvia.com was the life’s work of another individual who wanted to unravel the truth behind the popular psychic Sylvia Browne, who through her psychic powers and conversations with spirit guide Francine could tell things that have yet to happen or make predictions. She supposedly found missing persons too and all in the name of helping people.

Today, we have taken it upon ourselves to continue the work started at Stopsylvia.com and instead of targeting a single individual, we decided to reveal the tricks used by psychics, mediums, magicians and the likes. Anyone who uses cloak and dagger to fool emotional and sensitive individuals is our target here.

We won’t take names or do anything out of the ordinary to stop them. It is our objective to provide plausible explanations and alternative theories to how psychics operate, how magic tricks happen. Once you know the secrets behind a trick, it no longer amazes you. When you open your eyes to what really goes on, a trick is only worth that – “a trick”.

Our Team

We are an amalgamation of individuals who despise arts that dabble with falsity and engage in smokescreen. Some of us have been psychics in the past, others magicians and yet some simple average Joes and Janes. However, all of us truly believe that while performing arts should not be discriminated against, it should also not be given the power to influence and radically change an individual’s life.